Weekend in Toscana: Siena, Volterra e il Giardino dei tarocchi

Living in Milan, we often look for destinations to reach comfortably on weekends, even by car, to spend two different days from the usual, visiting some cities never seen before. This time we opted for Tuscany: we had already visited Florence and Pisa so we decided to go to Siena, booking two nights there to also use it as a starting point to reach the Tarot Garden, which is located further south, on the border with Lazio.

The Garden Hotel in which we stayed in Siena is very convenient for those who travel by car, next to the city gates with free parking, but honestly we wouldn’t return, we found it a bit dated and the rooms aren’t very soundproofed.

The first day we spent the morning visiting Siena, the Duomo and Piazza del Campo are so beautiful. We haven’t planned anything, we have simply walked and lost ourselves in the medieval alleys surmounted by the various flags of the districts. The city is really beautiful and deserves a more in-depth visit than only a morning so we will definitely be back to see it better, I recommend you to dedicate to the city at least a full day.

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At lunch we ate in a tavern advised by a friend: Osteria Permalico, great food, but like in all the places where we ate in Tuscany sincerely! We were also amazed at all the positive reviews read on TripAdvisor on most restaurants of the city.

Immediately after lunch we left for the Tarot Garden, which is an hour and a half away from Siena and is open only at certain times, I recommend checking the site before going there.

We had an idea of the place by finding some photos on Instagram, but it is even more crazy: we see the influence of Gaudì in the sculptor’s mind in every sculpture in this garden. At the entrance a ticket is given with a minimap of the garden with the names of the tarot cards represented by each sculpture and it is fun to look for them and associate the name with the sculpture.

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The next day, having half a day, we were undecided between quickly visiting San Gimignano or Volterra and in the end we chose the latter.

We liked it very much, from the circle on the road to the entrance of Volterra, by Mauro Staccioli up to the smallest uphill street of the city. The view from the village is really beautiful and it is worth the road full of hairpin bends to reach it.

Since the temperature was not exactly like in summer, we allowed ourselves a nice light light polenta for lunch in a fantastic restaurant that had already won us over by the name: Porgi l’altra pancia (in italian it means turn the other belly)!

After lunch we wandered a little more, saw the ruins of the Roman theater and bought some wine and specialties to take home as well as some alabaster souvenirs.

On the way back to Milan we also made a fast stop just for a photo in Livorno:

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