Cities and beaches to visit in Puglia

Thinking back to the various trips made, I remembered the beautiful summer in Puglia, especially in Salento. I will never forget the breathtaking landscapes seen there, the transparent sea, the fun and the great food. Sebastian had so much fun that, back from there, he continued to tell everyone for months to be “salentino” (a native of the Salento peninsula) and this was obviously not true!!


Puglia is full of really beautiful cities, some of these are still in my bucket list as Polignano a Mare, but those that we visited, and I will talk about now, are worth a trip there! We visited all by car, the distance between the cities is not excessive and you can also arrive by plane to Brindisi or Bari and rent a car from there to create your ideal itinerary between these cities.


Alberobello is famous for its unique trullo buildings. The trulli of Alberobello have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996. The trulli are built in stone with a conical shape and they are still inhabited. The roofs are painted by religious, astrological symbols for protection against the evil eye: for example, the heart you will find in the gallery below is a symbol of the Christian religion and represents the pierced heart of Mary. 

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Ostuni as known as “the white city” and has a beautiful view of the sea. The ancient village, painted only in white, stands on the highest hill of the urban area and is called by the inhabitants “La Terra”. The central square of Ostuni, Piazza della Libertà, is beautiful, we had lunch there in a very nice place called Mozzarella & Co. (photo in gallery).

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Lecce, the “Lady of the Baroque“, is the paradise of a lover of ancient architecture, the city is in fact rich in testimonies and works of art from the Roman, Medieval and Renaissance periods.

But it’s the baroque that characterizes the city in a very particular declination so as to deserve the nickname of Baroque of Lecce.

In photo: Porta Napoli.


Otranto combines ancient buildings, charming alleys in which to get lost, a beautiful sea despite being a port city.

In 2010 the ancient village was recognized as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage.

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The breathtaking view of Santa Maria di Leuca needs no introduction. Here we visited the lighthouse located on Punta Meliso and made a fantastic boat trip that took us to the discovery of incredible caves.

In particular the Breath Cave impressed us, we have reached it by swimming from the boat and there you can only enter by diving and passing by the entrance under water. To try, but for me a little scary!

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Gallipoli is the city that we lived the most because we stayed at Lido Conchiglie which is just a few km away. The city is divided into two distinct areas: the old town, which stands on a limestone island, and the new town, connected to the island by a brick bridge dating from the seventeenth century. I can say that we also lived a “third area”, that of beach entertainment! The sea of ​​Baia Verde is one of the most beautiful and the entertainment was not lacking thanks to the music of Samsara (I say “was lacking” because for now it has been closed). Very nice also the Zen beach (photo in the gallery below). There are a lot of nightclubs, we went to the Praja that didn’t excite us because it was too crowded inside and to Riobo where instead we had so much fun! 

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Don’t miss the beautiful Punta Prosciutto beach! Choose a non-cloudy day to go and you will not regret it:

SAN FOCA E ROCA VECCHIA (Grotta della Poesia)

Roca Vecchia is famous for the Grotta della Poesia, a splendid stone architecture where you can dive. Unfortunately my photo doesn’t represents it very well because of too many people, it’s better if you can avoid August to admire it!

While in San Foca we were in a beach that had attracted us for its Buddha statues, the Ensō Beach:

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